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How To Read Schematics

When starting the journey to building your own effects pedals, probably the biggest breakthrough comes when you learn to be able to read schematics. A schematic usually contains all the information you need to create a circuit. It's basically a map that shows what components are needed and how they are connected. Just like any map, symbols are used to denote components and connections and once you can decipher these symbols, you'll be well on your way to building circuits. Rather than re-hash information that is plentiful on the web, here's a link to a great resource from The Electric Web Matrix Of Digital Technology that will get you up and running with schematics in no time. There's even a section about building circuits on various boards, which we discussed in our previous blog.

After reading through all of that, you should be able to understand and build the circuit above, which is boost pedal based on the Electro-Harmonix EPB-1, and then any number of circuits that are readily available online!

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